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Monday Night Winter Touch 2024

Carlingford Cyclones Opens Winter competition will be played on Monday nights starting the 8th of April at Somerville Oval Epping. Costs: $105 per player for Carlingford Cyclones Season Registration $22 per player Touch Football Australia National member ship fee (this goes directly to Touch Australia and a new Fee introduced by the governing body on 1/7/2023) – You may not need to pay this fee if paid already since the 01/07/2023 Total: $127 NOTE: TFA National membership fee of $22 is payable annually. This amount will be automatically deducted from registration cost if already paid for 2023-24. Register a Team please use this link Register a Team Register as Individual Looking for a…
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Team Registration Help

If you are a Team Administrator then you need to know the following Instructions on Creating a Team You need to know what you will call the team You need to know the email of your team members so you can email them the link to Join the Team – once you have registered the team If you do not have a NRL account it will ask you to create one before you can register. If you are registering a group of friends that want to Stay together in a team you will need to follow the same procedure but put your name as the Team and get everyone to…
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Help With Registration into a Team

The New system is not the easiest to use so hopefully this will help If you have registered your Team Click on the link below. Once the page opens type the team name in to find your Team. This search is very specific eg if you created a Team with CCTA- or CCTA – (notice the space) it makes a difference to the results the system finds Once you find your Team Click on the Team Click on the Register Button If you are Not Currently Logged on it will show you this – Click on continue Registration If you already have an account then Click on it –If your…
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Making an Insurance Claim

Playing with Carlingford Cyclones you are covered by the National Insurance Scheme that our governing body NSW Touch has organised. If you do get hurt which we hope you don’t – Here is the Procedure to keep you covered Claims Below is information on how to make a claim under the Personal Accident Policy. If you wish to make a claim or notify an incident for General Liability, Professional Indemnity or Management Liability, please contact Sportscover immediately. Personal Accident Claims Steps to follow: 1.     Report the injury to your Affiliate and obtain and complete an Injury Report Form 2.     Provide a copy of the completed Injury Report Form with a…
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