Playing Touch at Carlingford Cyclones

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Playing Touch at Carlingford Cyclones

Carlingford Cyclones run three Local Competitions per year

  1. Summer competition on a Wednesday or Thursday Night and usually runs between September to December
  2.  Winter competition on a Monday Night and usually runs between April to July
  3. Junior Competition on a Friday Night played out of TG Milner Oval Marsfield between September to December

The Local competition for Senior is played at Somerville Oval Epping (off Blaxland Road)

Representative Touch Football

If you wish to take your Touch Football further Carlingford Cyclones enters teams into all the major Touch Football Tournaments in NSW

  1. Vawdon Cup a weekly competition played on Friday nights from August to October
  2. Senior State Cup played on the first week end in December at Port Macquarie
  3. Junior State Cup (Northern Conference) played at Port Macquarie during the second week of February

If you  are interested in Playing Touch football at Carlingford Cyclones please email  or fill in the Contact Me form below