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Team Coaching

We will coach all levels. You may be a park team that wants to get better and learn some moves or driving patterns or you may be Representative team in need of some ideas or a different set of eyes to present some new ideas or obeservations or you find something is not working and you need an outsider to look and diagnose what the problem could be.

Individual  or Group Coaching

Touch Heads will work with individuals an a one to one basis or with a group. If you every been to a personal trainer then you will have and idea what to expect, with the exception is we will be focused on the Fitness and Skills needed for Touch Football. You will be suprised how much one session can add to your game.

We will find out what you want and devise a plan for it to be achieved.

Coach the Coach

This is mainly aimed at those coaches that have inherited a team but need support in how to coach them. This could be a teacher at school coaching their school team or some one interested in touch and would like to learn more about the sport and how to teach it to others.

You may be an existing coach and need new ideas or drills to show your team and we will show you how to implement and execute the drills.

New Services being Added

We are constantly looking at the how best to serve the Touch World- so we will be continually adding services to this list, so keep checking back to see whats new!.

If you have any requests or question you would like to aske of Touch Heads just email

Hope to hear from you soon

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