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Specialising in the Sport of Touch Football

Our goal at  Touch Heads is to improve touch football at all levels. From Schools starting at primary level all the way to representing your Club, State or Country.

Services we provide include One on One Coaching, Coaching to Groups or Teams. You could consider us  as a Personal Trainer for touch footballers focussed on the Fitness and Skills training that will improve your ability play the fast past sport of Touch. Our coaches are qualified to coach up to the level of State and have represented their State and Country as a player.

Players have many reasons to get better at touch football and may not  know where to start or where to.  Well Touch Heads is here to help. See our “Services” Page to see what we can do  for you.

Keep visiting our site to get great information about the sport of Touch Football including training skills and drills, tips, updates, general health and fitness tips.

If you are new to Touch Football you should read our “Where can Touch Football Take You” page. Keep visiting this site as we will point you to the best of Touch we can find on the internet.

If you have any questions please email us at and we will help you the best way we can.

Remember our

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