Monday Night Draw

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The Monday Night Under Lights Draw can be found here – currently we have 7 Teams with an 8th one being created – If this is the case the Draw may change but until that is confirmed the draw is below for the Entire Year

 Winter Competition Draw 2014

Date Time Team Team
30th June 2014 (R1) 7.10pm Normo Ninjas Breeze
30th June 2014 7.10pm Magic Touch Tornadoes
30th June 2014 8.00pm Hurricanes Storm
30th June 2014 Bye Cubs
7th Jul 2014 (R2) 7.10pm Magic Touch Cubs
7th Jul 2014 7.10pm Hurricanes Tornadoes
7th Jul 2014 8.00pm Storm Breeze
7th Jul 2014 Bye Normo Ninjas
14th July 2014 (R3) 7.10pm Storm Tornadoes
14th July 2014 7.10pm Normo Ninjas Cubs
14th July 2014 8.00pm Magic Touch Hurricanes
14th July 2014 Bye Breeze
21st July 2014 (R4) 7.10pm Hurricanes Normo Ninjas
21st July 2014 7.10pm Tornadoes Breeze
21st July 2014 8.00pm Storm Cubs
21st July 2014 Bye Magic Touch
28th July 2014 (R5) 7.10pm Hurricanes Cubs
28th July 2014 7.10pm Storm Ninjas
28th July 2014 8.00pm Magic Breeze
28th July 2014 Bye Tornadoes
4th August 2014 (R6) 7.10pm Breeze Cubs
4th August 2014 7.10pm Tornadoes Normo Ninjas
4th August 2014 8.00pm Magic Touch Storm
4th August 2014 Bye Hurricanes
11Th August 2014 (R7) 7.10pm Magic Touch Normo Ninjas
11Th August 2014 7.10pm Tornadoes  Cubs
11Th August 2014 8.00pm Hurricane Breeze
11Th August 2014 Bye Storm
18Th August 2014Three Lowest Losers are Knocked out Semi  7.10pm (1) Pos 7 Pos2
Semi 7.10 (2) Pos 6 Pos 3
Semi  8.00 pm (3) Pos 4 Pos 5
25th August 2014 Final 7.10pm (1) Highest Winner Highest Loser
Final 8.00pm (2) Pos 1 Plays Lowest Winner
1st September Grand Final 7.30pm Winner (1) Winners (2)