COVID-19 News for Juniors

Carlingford Cyclones welcomes you all back to our Junior Summer Comp.
Most of you would have already been training and playing other sports and already following the play safe rules.
Carlingford Cyclones will be providing sanitiser and wipes at the fields for you to utilise.
We will be washing and disinfecting all balls, cones and any other equipment before and after matches for your child’s safety.
Please feel free to wear masks and practice social distancing. If you wish to drop your child off and not stay that is fine. Please let the desk know or inform a parent in your child’s team.
Lets all follow the checklist and watch the video from NSW Touch to have a safe and fun competition for everyone.
The following are the minimum requirements for everyone to consider at Touch Football
· Remain at home if feeling unwell
· If you are a member of a high-risk category, reconsider your participation in Touch Football
· Download the COVIDSafe app and ensure it’s functional while at the venue
· Prior to attending, assess if you are essential to the delivery of the game – spectators must be kept to a minimum at all times to assist with social distancing
· Prior to your game, review game time and venue info to reduce your time at the venue
· Make sure you arrive at the venue ready to play
· Upon arrival and prior to participating in a match, ensure you have thoroughly washed or sanitised your hands with products provided at the fields
· Avoid the use of change rooms, bathrooms and communal areas
· Cover your mouth with your elbow to cough or sneeze
· Avoid touching your face
· Do not spit or clear your nasal passages
· Maintain social distancing by avoiding team huddles and congregating in groups before, during or after your match
· No communal team water bottles or shared items such as jerseys, bibs or towels
· Avoid unnecessary contact with other participants, such as high-fives, handshakes and hugs
· Shower at home instead of at the venue
· Complete tasks at home wherever possible, such as meetings or recovery sessions
· Parents/guardians, please limit drop-of and pick-up to only one parent/guardian and other
· dependants as required and necessary
· Spectators are not encouraged. Supervision of minors must be done from one’s own vehicle, if possible. I not, social distancing is required at all times
I you are tested for COVID-19, immediately notify your Competition
Please refer to the below video