Under 14 Boys Junior State Cup Team 2019

Firstly I would like to thank all the boys who trialed over the past few weeks. It is very encouraging to see so much talent on the field and knowing that such talent will make our Cyclones an even stronger club.
The following 14 boys have been selected to play for The Carlingford Cyclones under 14’s at next years Junior State Cup. I have also included 2 boys as shadow players who I would like to train as part of the team and possibly play in we have any injuries or late withdrawal.
– Mathew Smith
– Ethan Friedman
– Riley O’Neill
– Mitchell Holmes
– Jeremy Studdert
– Isaac Biondi
– Ashton McKelvey
– Max Heaton
– Corban Ross
– Jason Prior
– Thomas Halmarick
– Lincoln McIntyre
– Blake Bragg
– Joe Harvey 
Shadow Players
 – Tom Milner
– Aden Bouch 
We will be in touch via email regarding the start of training.
 Many thanks

Evan Woodhouse