Summer Super Finals

Summer super finals round is on

Hi Everyone

This Thursday at Sommerville is the Super Finals Round – The competition has been split into two divisions based on this years results

A  – Division is

U Can’t Touch This






BreezeNinjas (The Breeze and Ninjas have been combined as one Team due to the Current Numbers that Turn up)

Fouch Tootball

Bee Bop Boo




The Format is a follows


Each Team will play 3 x 18 Minute Games with 2 Minute rest between games


They will play each person in their Group once.


Once all games have been played Teams will be ranked 1-4 based on the results in each Division


Teams 1 and 2 will compete for the Championship Grand Final in each Division and teams 3 – 4 will compete for the Flint Michigan Mega Bowl – these games will be Full Games – These games will take place on the 17th December.


In the event teams are tied on points and Differential the following ranking will determine who will go through


  1. U Can’t Touch This
  2. Hurricanes
  3. Storm
  4. A-Team
  5. BreezeNinjas
  6. Untouchable
  7. Bee Bop Boo
  8. Fouch Tootball