Cyclones – into the Elimination Finals – Preview

Three of the Four Cyclone Teams have made the Championship elimination finals.

Mens Division 2

The Men’s Division 2 Team have come second after the round games and wait for the highest Ranked winner of the Eliminations Finals – If all goes to plan that will be most likely Wests – who Cyclones have met in the First round and beat 7-4. A lot has happened since then so it promises to be a good game.

Womens Division 1

Then Womens Division 1 Team have made it to Sixth position. It was not looking good after losing last Friday game to Campbelltown who was fighting for that 6th Spot. Campbelltown with a Superior For and Against was beating Cyclones to that Sixth position and with both teams expected to win their remaining games Cyclones was looking at overcoming a 9 Try Difference. Knowing this girls were looking for 10 Nil win from each game to overcome that difference.

First Game was 7-1 against UNSW who in the first round we beat 3-0 – it was a good start gaining a 6 point try difference. We knew in the second game we had to do better – news came through however that Campbelltown had Lost to North UTS – which meant all we had to do was win the next game – Despite this we went out and won 7-2 providing a total goal difference for the day of 11. Great Day for Division 1

Division 1 now meet Easts in the Elimination Final where last they meet East beat Cyclones 2-10

It was that game that turned the season around for the Cyclones – and Cyclones are planning to turn the result around also.

Womens Division 2

The Drama for Division 2 was even more Dramatic as they entered the round in 7th Position and one win behind 6th place. Division 2 had to win Both Games and Varsity had to lose both games for Division 2 to get that 6th Position.

As it happened Cyclones won their first game and Varsity lost their first game which set up the Round 12 Game against Varsity where the winner advances through to the Championship Elimination Final. Last time these teams Played Varsity won 1 -0 on the bell.

Cyclones won the Game 7-5 and took that 6th Position and became the third cyclone Team to make the elimination final for their division

Division 2 will now meet Wests who in their Last Clash Cyclones Lost 1-6 – but this is a different day and a different Team.