Junior State Cup Trial 2

The Carlingford Cyclones Junior State Cup Trial number 2 is at TG Milner Marsfield (top fields)

U10,U12, U14 – 10.30am – 11.30am

U16,U18 – 11.30am – 12.30pm

If you have not done so please register your interest in Junior State Cup Click Here

To be Eligible you need to have played

  1. In the Junior current summer competition 2016
  2. Financial in that competition
  3. At Least attend one of the two trials



Summer Super Finals

Summer super finals round is on

Hi Everyone

This Thursday at Sommerville is the Super Finals Round – The competition has been split into two divisions based on this years results

A  – Division is

U Can’t Touch This






BreezeNinjas (The Breeze and Ninjas have been combined as one Team due to the Current Numbers that Turn up)

Fouch Tootball

Bee Bop Boo




The Format is a follows


Each Team will play 3 x 18 Minute Games with 2 Minute rest between games


They will play each person in their Group once.


Once all games have been played Teams will be ranked 1-4 based on the results in each Division


Teams 1 and 2 will compete for the Championship Grand Final in each Division and teams 3 – 4 will compete for the Flint Michigan Mega Bowl – these games will be Full Games – These games will take place on the 17th December.


In the event teams are tied on points and Differential the following ranking will determine who will go through


  1. U Can’t Touch This
  2. Hurricanes
  3. Storm
  4. A-Team
  5. BreezeNinjas
  6. Untouchable
  7. Bee Bop Boo
  8. Fouch Tootball

Summer -2015 – Status

Hi All Thursday night players – the 3rd Decemeber 2015 sees a General Bye for all Teams due to the NSW State Cup taking place in Port Macquarie. The next running day wil be 10th December where we will have the Final Series.

The competition has been spit into two divisions for this final series and details of the final series will be made available soon


Vawdon Cup 2015 – Debutants

Vawdon Cup has started and Round 1 has been played- this year the Cyclones has Debuted 18 New Players from the 4 Teams representing the Carlingford Cyclones as this years Vawdon Cup 2015C

Click Here to thee the Results Page 

The List of New Players is below

Players Debut for Cyclones 2015
Adam Ryder  – Vawdon 2015 Mens Div2
Alex Raad – Vawdon 2015 Mens Div2
Jaydon Horo – Vawdon 2015 Mens Div2
Kyal Noach – Vawdon 2015 Mens Div2
Paul Romondino – Vawdon 2015 Mens Div2
Tyrone Tadros – Vawdon 2015 Mens Div2
Nicholas WalkerVawdon 2015 Mens Div2
Michael LakkasVawdon 2015 Mens Div2
Brittany Haskins – Vawdon 2015 Womens Div2
Olwen Higgins- Vawdon 2015 Womens Div2
Vanessa Hunter – Vawdon 2015 Womens Div2
Georgia Davis – Vawdon 2015 Womens Div2
Annalise Kay – Vawdon 2015 Womens Div2
Catherine Harvey – Vawdon 2015 Women Div1
Cassidy Samuel –Vawdon 2015 – Girls Youth
Lucy Liang – Vawdon 2015 – Girls Youth
Sara Donaghy – Vawdon 2015 – Girls Youth
Kiera Simula – Vawdon 2015 Youth Girls

Elimination Finals Results 2015

The Games have been played with the Teams 3 – Gazelles and Teams 4- Storm Winning their Finals.

This means in the Finals

U Can’t Touch This will play – Storm

A-Team – Will Play the Gazelles

This was previously stated wrong in other posts