Cyclones – into the Elimination Finals – Preview

Three of the Four Cyclone Teams have made the Championship elimination finals.

Mens Division 2

The Men’s Division 2 Team have come second after the round games and wait for the highest Ranked winner of the Eliminations Finals – If all goes to plan that will be most likely Wests – who Cyclones have met in the First round and beat 7-4. A lot has happened since then so it promises to be a good game.

Womens Division 1

Then Womens Division 1 Team have made it to Sixth position. It was not looking good after losing last Friday game to Campbelltown who was fighting for that 6th Spot. Campbelltown with a Superior For and Against was beating Cyclones to that Sixth position and with both teams expected to win their remaining games Cyclones was looking at overcoming a 9 Try Difference. Knowing this girls were looking for 10 Nil win from each game to overcome that difference.

First Game was 7-1 against UNSW who in the first round we beat 3-0 – it was a good start gaining a 6 point try difference. We knew in the second game we had to do better – news came through however that Campbelltown had Lost to North UTS – which meant all we had to do was win the next game – Despite this we went out and won 7-2 providing a total goal difference for the day of 11. Great Day for Division 1

Division 1 now meet Easts in the Elimination Final where last they meet East beat Cyclones 2-10

It was that game that turned the season around for the Cyclones – and Cyclones are planning to turn the result around also.

Womens Division 2

The Drama for Division 2 was even more Dramatic as they entered the round in 7th Position and one win behind 6th place. Division 2 had to win Both Games and Varsity had to lose both games for Division 2 to get that 6th Position.

As it happened Cyclones won their first game and Varsity lost their first game which set up the Round 12 Game against Varsity where the winner advances through to the Championship Elimination Final. Last time these teams Played Varsity won 1 -0 on the bell.

Cyclones won the Game 7-5 and took that 6th Position and became the third cyclone Team to make the elimination final for their division

Division 2 will now meet Wests who in their Last Clash Cyclones Lost 1-6 – but this is a different day and a different Team.

Vawdon Cup 2015 -Information



Carlingford Cyclones will be entering teams into the Vawdon Cup  which starts on the 7th August 2015- Carlingford Cyclones are looking for Interested players that would like to represent the Cyclones in this representative level Touch Football Competition

If you are interested  please register your interest in playing   Please Click Here 

The Divisions Available are Mens, Womens, Mixed and Youth (Boys and Girls).

To play in the Opens Competition you must be 16 years old by the 7th August 2015

To Play in the Youth Competition you must be be between the age of 14 -17


 Details of Vawdon Cup

This competition is a weekly competition conducted throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area catering for Open, Senior & Youth divisions. The competition has 12 rounds and a final series and commences in early August each year.

The start date of the tournament is Friday 7th of August 2015:

  • Round 1: Friday 7th August
  • Round 2: Friday 14th August
  • Round 3: Friday 21st  August
  • Round 4: Friday 28th August
  • Round 5: Friday 4th September
  • Round 6/7:  Sunday 13th September (Double Header)
  • Round 8: Friday 18th September
  • Round 9: Friday 25th September
  • Round 10: Friday 2nd October
  • Round 11 & 12: Sunday 11th October (Double Header)
  • Semi Finals: Friday 16th October (State Conference)
  • Finals: Friday 30th October
  • Grand Final: Saturday 7th November

Join Carlingford Cyclones for this Upcoming Rep Season

MensOpen WomensOpen


Junior State Cup 2015-Review

As the Rain and wind rolled into Port Macquarie so did the Junior Cyclones Teams Under 14 Boys – Under 14 Girls – Under 16 Girls – Under 18 Girls

We had wins, we had losses, their were games that defined us and games we would like to forget but the Teams, players , parents and spectators set an example of how a Club should be.

Win, Loss or Draw, we did it together and we did it enjoying the game we love. The Rain could not wash our enthusiasm away and the mud could not cover up our smiles, thunder could not drown out our laughter. It may have been raining out side but the sun was shining in the Cyclones Tent.

Thank you to everyone who represented the Cyclones with Pride – “Play it because you love it

The 14 Boys playing their special kind of touch started off in controversial game with Manly where the score was 5-4  – Referees rated as 4-4 – Manly had 4-4 as they complained about a Try with 7 players on the field and with this the campaign began.


The boys did great with two wins 1 Draw and 3 losses – with most games having a one or two try difference. Played some great Touch and should be proud of thier first effort in the Cyclones Colours

Their Results are below



Under 14 Girls consisted of a lot of new Girls and some experience ones. They started off a bit shaky playing the power house team of Nelson Bay, but as the Tournament went along improved with every game and was coming home stronger and stronger.



The Girls results are below with 1 Win – 3 Losses – 1 Draw


Under 16 Girls had one of the toughest Draws I have ever seen in State Cup, but they approached each game giving every they had in every game and competed to the end.


With each game came a new confidence and determination.. their defining moment was the attitude and commitment they put in to against Parramatta. The result did not go their way but it did define what they could do as a team.


Under 18 Girls started their campaign off with a Win. The sad thing about the 18’s is that is the oldest age group of the Juniors which many some of the payers will not be able to play next year-however in this team we had many young players and a lot of the will be able to play – seeing some of the talent we had in this years team and some of the players that will come up from 16’s its looking good.


The U18 was competitive in every game and showed what they could do when they have confidence in themselves (Game against Balmain). They had many great individual performances and should be proud of the way they played and the attitude they took into every game. u18GirlsResults


Players Players

Lily Tomlin (U14 Girls)




U16 Girls Danni Banichi





U18 Girls Emily Lewis


More Images to Remember the Day (Thanks to Mick Goggins who took most of them)

Don’t Forget to Check out the Facebook Album 

IMG_0136 jscJun_1 u14Boys_6 u14Girls_5 U14Boys_10 jsc2015_all 10344155_10205853838607330_8719244682657938844_o IMG_0108 10344155_10205853838607330_8719244682657938844_o U14Boys_3 U18Girls_8



Junior State Cup 2015 – all the Draws

This is the draw for Junior State Cup for all 4 Carlingford  CyclonesTeams playing at the Junior State Cup

1 20/02/15 (Fri) 14:00 F10  Easts Roosters U16Girls
1 20/02/15 (Fri) 14:00 F14 Manly Sea Eagles 2 U14Boys
1 20/02/15 (Fri) 14:30 F19  Nelson Bay Neptunes U14Girls
2 20/02/15 (Fri) 16:30 F08  Wests Magpies U16Girls
2 20/02/15 (Fri) 17:00 F04 Penrith Panthers 1 U14Boys
2 20/02/15 (Fri) 17:30 F22  Wallsend Wolves U14Girls
2 20/02/15 (Fri) 18:30 F09 Singleton Storm U18Girls
1 20/02/15 (Fri) BYE BYE U18Girls
3 21/02/15 (Sat) 8:00 F13  Murwillumbah Mavericks U16Girls
3 21/02/15 (Sat) 8:00 F16 Peninsula Piranhas U14Boys
4 21/02/15 (Sat) 9:30 F06 Orange Thunder U14Boys
3 21/02/15 (Sat) 10:00 F03 Foster Tuncurry Tornadoes U18Girls
3 21/02/15 (Sat) 10:30 F07  Balmain Tigers U14Girls
4 21/02/15 (Sat) 11:00 F15  Maitland Redbacks U16Girls
5 21/02/15 (Sat) 11:30 F10 Easts Roosters U14Boys
4 21/02/15 (Sat) 12:30 F12 Balmain Tigers U18Girls
5 21/02/15 (Sat) 14:30 F14  Nelson Bay Neptunes U16Girls
6 21/02/15 (Sat) 14:30 F02 Taree Flames U14Boys
5 21/02/15 (Sat) 15:00 F19 Wallsend Wolves U18Girls
5 21/02/15 (Sat) 15:30 F16  Bankstown Jets U14Girls
6 21/02/15 (Sat) 17:30 F06 Penrith Panthers U18Girls
6 21/02/15 (Sat) 18:00 F14  Parramatta Eels U16Girls
6 21/02/15 (Sat) 18:30 F12  Ballina Bull Sharks U14Girls
4 21/02/15 (Sat) BYE BYE U14Girls
7 21/02/15 (Sat) BYE BYE U14Boys
7 22/02/15 (Sun) 7:30 F18  Dubbo Devils U14Girls
7 22/02/15 (Sun) 8:00 F16  Northern Beaches Renegades U16Girls
7 22/02/15 (Sun) 9:00 F19 Berkeley Vale Panthers U18Girls






Bankstown Gala Day 2015

Carlingford Cyclones had two Teams represented at the Bankstown Gala day. The 14 Boy and the 18 Girls.

Both teams played well with a 2 Win and 1 Loss record. Their performance on this day was very promising and everyone looking towards an exciting Junior State Cup.

Here are few images to remember the day

Bankstown 2015 1032 Bankstown 2015 469 Bankstown 2015 672 Bankstown 2015 811 Bankstown 2015 937 Bankstown 2015 947 Bankstown 2015 980


Juniors at Central Coast 2014

3 of the 4 Junior Teams competed as the central coast championships. The under 14 Girls, 16 Girls and 14 Boys.

For most of these teams it was the first run they had together as a team and the first time the coaches have been able to watch their teams play in game situation.

It was obvious for all teams that combinations was a problem and coaches identified the many areas we need to work on. The main thing how ever it looked like everyone was having fun and running around in the Cyclones colours.

The main things is to get everyone to love the sport – These juniors and we need to get them to love the game if they are going to commit to it as their primary sport. The tournament was great to see what we had to work on and what talent we had. Some teams we were at similar levels and others are way ahead of us. The race is not won at the beginning at the end, so we will keep working to make sure every-time the teams take they field the play that little bit better each time. Enjoy some of the Photos of the Day

Central Coast Championships 2014 665 Central Coast Championships 2014 148 Central Coast Championships 2014 151 Central Coast Championships 2014 369 Central Coast Championships 2014 456

State Cup Review 2014

Carlingford Cyclones had 5 Teams at the 2014 State Cup and represented in the following Division Men 50, Womens 30, Senior Mixed, Womens Open and Mens Open.
During this State Cup I watched 7 Women’s 30 Games , 5 Women’s Open , 6 Men’s Open, 2 Senior Mixed and Played 3 Men’s 50 Games.
Each game was played in good spirit and enormous effort – not all results went our way but players walked off the field knowing they did what they could to best represent the Carlingford Cyclones.
The Senior Mixed reached the Semi- Finals and lost to the eventual winners – Peninsula 3-1
Women’s 30 had Eight Games before they reached the Finals – Each game was competitive and the effort put in by the team was massive. They played some good touch only to be beaten by 1 Try in 3 of the Eight Games.
Men’s 50 was short in numbers and was out played by most of the competition, but the effort put in , with a never die effort only fueled future desire for more comps to come.
Womens Open played some great touch. Moving into the Bowl Series, the goal was not to win but to perform well. We performed well in each of the three games despite losing them, but came away with valuable lessons. With this Squad can’t wait now to get back into training and start the climb up the touch football ladder.
Mens Open Lost two games and drew on the first day, but came together on Saturday and was undefeated and was getting better the more they played. Unfortunately they could not play final so ended up with the best they could possiably have.
State Cup in Pics and Words
Men’s Open Team


Team Captain Tom Curtin



Mens Players Players – Adrian Zoccali


First Try Scorer – Jack Young – Intercept King



Womens Open Team



Team Captain – Kate Young



Captain/ Coach Player – Brianna Sorbello




First Try Scorer – Brianna Sorbello – From an Eagle


Womens 30



Team Captain- Tracey Elliott



Players – Players – Alana Barlow



Senior Mixed



Team Captain – Jared Barton



Players – Players- Charlotte Henry



Mens 50



Team Captain – Garry Noel



Player – Player – Mark Horro



Thank you to all players who represented the Club with Pride. Each Journey starts with a Step – we have just made that Step

“Play it because you love it”



Cyclones at State Cup 2014

Carlingford Cyclones will have

5 Teams at State Cup Representing in 5 Different Divisions

Mens Open , Women Open , Womens 30 , Senior Mixed and Mens 50.

Below is the Draw for all the Teams – The Men and Women draw will change after the first day and seedings are completed


Pool I –Mens Open

1              05/12/14 (Fri)     10:15     F06                                        Port Hunter Marauders

2              05/12/14 (Fri)     12:35     F06                                        Mudgee Mudcrabs

3              05/12/14 (Fri)     14:55     F06                                        Parkes Pumas 2

Pool E – Womens Open

1              05/12/14 (Fri)     08:30     F08                                        Penrith Panthers 2

2              05/12/14 (Fri)     BYE         BYE

3              05/12/14 (Fri)     16:40     F02                                        Wests Magpies 2

Pool A –Womens 30’s

1              05/12/14 (Fri)     09:05     F16                                        Wallsend Wolves

2              05/12/14 (Fri)     11:25     F20                                        Port Macquarie

3              05/12/14 (Fri)     14:20     F20                                        Newcastle City Knights

4              05/12/14 (Fri)     16:40     F17                                        Nelson Bay Neptunes

5              06/12/14 (Sat)   08:35     F14                                        Manly Sea Eagles

6              06/12/14 (Sat)   11:30     F05                                        Maitland Redbacks

7              06/12/14 (Sat)   14:25     F16                                        Easts Roosters

8              06/12/14 (Sat)   BYE         BYE

9              07/12/14 (Sun)  08:00     F08                                        Canterbury Bulldogs

Pool A – Senior Mixed

1              05/12/14 (Fri)     10:15     F14                                        Quirindi

2              05/12/14 (Fri)     13:10     F15                                        Penrith Panthers

3              05/12/14 (Fri)     16:05     F16                                        Peninsula Piranhas

4              06/12/14 (Sat)   09:10     F17                                        Nelson Bay Neptunes

5              06/12/14 (Sat)   12:05     F06                                        Forster Tuncurry

6              06/12/14 (Sat)   BYE         BYE

7              06/12/14 (Sat)   17:20     F14                                        Canterbury Bulldogs
Pool B – Men’s 50

1              05/12/14 (Fri)     09:40     F20                                        Ballina Bullsharks White

2              05/12/14 (Fri)     13:10     F22                                        Port Macquarie

3              06/12/14 (Sat)   10:20     F16                                        Beresfield Bandits

4              06/12/14 (Sat)   13:50     F13                                        Wests Magpies

5              06/12/14 (Sat)   16:45     F21                                        Murwillumbah Mavericks

F.I.R.S.T Principles

The motto of the club is “Play it because you love it”.

Simple motto but believe it or not it places a large responsibility on the club to ensure that we can provide you an environment where you can love it.

Whether you want to play only in the local competition or you have higher aspirations in the representative  arena, the club is here to support their members reach their goals

We achieve this by following the F.I.R.S.T principles. These are the pillars on which the club stands, in which the club will base it’s principles on.

By following these principles there is only one place you can end up F.I.R.S.T

letter f


is for FUN – To love what you do you must enjoy what you do and having Fun doing it certainly starts you on your way. This does  not mean there will be no hard work, but it does mean what you are doing needs to be worth doing.


letter i


is for-Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. It is the corner stone of trust. At Carlingford we are constatly working on our integrity, because as soon as you stop it stops.


letter r


is for Respect – we are all different and come with a range of different attitudes, beliefs and experiences. . If there were no differences the R would be for Replica but is for Respect- you are allowed to be you.


letter s


is for Support – To give is better then receive and we are here for each other. The Club was built to grow and support the Sport of Touch Football


letter t


is for Trust – is the core to all relationships and without it a growing and healthy relationship can not exist. Trust is a two way street.



At Carlingford Cyclones Touch Association we believe with these principles in place that we can build that environment where our motto “Play it because you love it” can thrive and grow. We all love to be First.

Stay Tune for the F.I.R.S.T principles of Touch Football Success