Senior Summer Touch 2016

The Senior Summer touch competition will be on Thursday Nights starting the 15th September 2016 and played out of Sommerville Oval Epping. Teams are planned for Men’s, Women’s and Mixed catering for all levels of skills Expected Costs are $90 per Player with a Minimum of 10 Players a Team You can register as an Individual, Group or Team. Register your interest now by filling out your Expression of Interest form below Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

Winter 2016 Finals

Its Raining again and I suspect our first week of Finals will be called off however if this is the case we will extend the competition one more week to get both Finals in (Assuming we can with the council) . If for some miracle the grounds are open this is the draw and the final Table. – I will update here on Monday if the grounds are closed. The Finals have been split into 3 Divisions with Teams 1-4 playing for the Championship – Team 5-8 Division 2 and Teams 9-12 In Division 3. The Team Ninjas and Breeze have been combined due to lack of numbers over the …

Anzac Day Games are off

All Anzac Games have been called off due to the lack of teams able to participate – we have extended the season until the 27th June  (Council Permitting) Enjoy your Anzac day and take time to Remember, Respect and Honour those who have represented Australia and New Zealand in War The Cost of Freedom is seldom Free

Cyclones Winter Trial

The Local competition at Carlingford Cyclones is Kicking off 21st March 2016 with 30 Minute Trial games for its teams. Starting so close to Easter we wanted to get everyone to know each other and Launch the competition with the First Round starting 4th April. We have a lot of new Players – 12 Teams which is our biggest competition yet. Here are the Trial Times 7.00 Field 1 – Twister vs Australia Power and Gas 7.00 Field 2 – Tornadoes vs Can’t Touch This 7.40 Field 1 – Storm vs Ninjas 7.40 Field 2 – Breeze vs A-Team 8.20 Field 1 – Hurricanes vs The Regulars 8.20 Filed 2 …

Senior Summer Grandfinals and MegaBowl 2015

The times have been set and ready to go for the Summer final Series A Division will be playing for the Championship and the Shield and B-Divison and the Megabowl finals for the Glory of Touch The Grand Final and the Megabowl Finals are here A-Division Grandfinal – 8.05pm Field 1 – U Can’t touch this vs Hurricanes B-Division GrandFinal – 7.15pm Field 1 – Bee Bop Boo vs Untouchables A-Division Megabowl – 7.15pm Field 2 – Storm vs A -Team B- Division Megabowl – 8.05 pm Field 1 – BreezeNinja vs Fouch Tootball