Junior State Cup 2015 – all the Draws

This is the draw for Junior State Cup for all 4 Carlingford  CyclonesTeams playing at the Junior State Cup

1 20/02/15 (Fri) 14:00 F10  Easts Roosters U16Girls
1 20/02/15 (Fri) 14:00 F14 Manly Sea Eagles 2 U14Boys
1 20/02/15 (Fri) 14:30 F19  Nelson Bay Neptunes U14Girls
2 20/02/15 (Fri) 16:30 F08  Wests Magpies U16Girls
2 20/02/15 (Fri) 17:00 F04 Penrith Panthers 1 U14Boys
2 20/02/15 (Fri) 17:30 F22  Wallsend Wolves U14Girls
2 20/02/15 (Fri) 18:30 F09 Singleton Storm U18Girls
1 20/02/15 (Fri) BYE BYE U18Girls
3 21/02/15 (Sat) 8:00 F13  Murwillumbah Mavericks U16Girls
3 21/02/15 (Sat) 8:00 F16 Peninsula Piranhas U14Boys
4 21/02/15 (Sat) 9:30 F06 Orange Thunder U14Boys
3 21/02/15 (Sat) 10:00 F03 Foster Tuncurry Tornadoes U18Girls
3 21/02/15 (Sat) 10:30 F07  Balmain Tigers U14Girls
4 21/02/15 (Sat) 11:00 F15  Maitland Redbacks U16Girls
5 21/02/15 (Sat) 11:30 F10 Easts Roosters U14Boys
4 21/02/15 (Sat) 12:30 F12 Balmain Tigers U18Girls
5 21/02/15 (Sat) 14:30 F14  Nelson Bay Neptunes U16Girls
6 21/02/15 (Sat) 14:30 F02 Taree Flames U14Boys
5 21/02/15 (Sat) 15:00 F19 Wallsend Wolves U18Girls
5 21/02/15 (Sat) 15:30 F16  Bankstown Jets U14Girls
6 21/02/15 (Sat) 17:30 F06 Penrith Panthers U18Girls
6 21/02/15 (Sat) 18:00 F14  Parramatta Eels U16Girls
6 21/02/15 (Sat) 18:30 F12  Ballina Bull Sharks U14Girls
4 21/02/15 (Sat) BYE BYE U14Girls
7 21/02/15 (Sat) BYE BYE U14Boys
7 22/02/15 (Sun) 7:30 F18  Dubbo Devils U14Girls
7 22/02/15 (Sun) 8:00 F16  Northern Beaches Renegades U16Girls
7 22/02/15 (Sun) 9:00 F19 Berkeley Vale Panthers U18Girls






Bankstown Gala Day 2015

Carlingford Cyclones had two Teams represented at the Bankstown Gala day. The 14 Boy and the 18 Girls.

Both teams played well with a 2 Win and 1 Loss record. Their performance on this day was very promising and everyone looking towards an exciting Junior State Cup.

Here are few images to remember the day

Bankstown 2015 1032 Bankstown 2015 469 Bankstown 2015 672 Bankstown 2015 811 Bankstown 2015 937 Bankstown 2015 947 Bankstown 2015 980


Junior Competition 2015 – Preview

Junior Cyclones Start Friday 30th January 2015

The Juniors are starting on Friday – with a double header to start the season – with many interuptions with the Parrmatta Gala Day and the State Cup itself we have decided to run double headers to get the Juniors nice and Ready for State Cup.

We have 6 Teams each with the names of Blizzard, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Storm, Twister and Thunder.

Thats right for the Junior Competition we have continued with the Weather Theme- With all the teams mixed up with all ages – we are looking towards everyone of all ages and skill playing together

Tornadoe-Juniors Twister-Juniors Blizzard-Juniors hurricanes-junior Storm-Juniors Thunder-Juniors

Juniors at Central Coast 2014

3 of the 4 Junior Teams competed as the central coast championships. The under 14 Girls, 16 Girls and 14 Boys.

For most of these teams it was the first run they had together as a team and the first time the coaches have been able to watch their teams play in game situation.

It was obvious for all teams that combinations was a problem and coaches identified the many areas we need to work on. The main thing how ever it looked like everyone was having fun and running around in the Cyclones colours.

The main things is to get everyone to love the sport – These juniors and we need to get them to love the game if they are going to commit to it as their primary sport. The tournament was great to see what we had to work on and what talent we had. Some teams we were at similar levels and others are way ahead of us. The race is not won at the beginning at the end, so we will keep working to make sure every-time the teams take they field the play that little bit better each time. Enjoy some of the Photos of the Day

Central Coast Championships 2014 665 Central Coast Championships 2014 148 Central Coast Championships 2014 151 Central Coast Championships 2014 369 Central Coast Championships 2014 456

Junior State Cup Trials

JSC2015-CC sloganWe had a good turn out for the girls 16’s and 14’s Today. The coaches both said they were happy with the people who trialed. There is still one more Trial before final teams are selected at that is on 9th November at Loreto Ovals 8.00 am-9.30 am.

Junior State Cup is a Representative Tournament held at Port Macquarie during the 20,21,22 February 2015. There are several age divisions available

For more details check out the NSW touch Site  which provides more information for you.

Carlingford Cyclones will submit as many team as players are available.

To be eligible to play in the State Cup you need to be registered on the Carlingford Cyclones Competition. The Carlingford Cyclones Junior Competition will start on 30th January  2015 – which will be a perfect lead up to the State Cup. Check out this link for more

For more information or interest please email :  tracey@touchheads.com.au  or ring 0412086364